WOhRKS is an idea-driven interdisciplinary design collaborative. Established in 2014, we explore the intersection of art and architecture as a placemaking catalysis. Our passion is in cultivating everyday landscape. We love to be a part of placemaking through art & architecture that invigorates lives of the citizens who inhabits the place. Our work aims for transforming ordinary places to personal and collective landmarks that reflects our contemporaries meaningfully.

Based in New York City, we are here to define, develop, and deliver design experience through visual communication and built environment solutions for both private and public sectors. We believe that our client is best served when our passion is aligned with the client's priorities. As each project is unique as its journey unfolds with various challenges, our goal is to provide both services and designs which results intelligent and inspiring solutions for all stakeholders of the project. We currently offers the services for planning, building programming, architectural design, construction administration, building consulting, urban design, & graphic design.