PLASTIK Shop is a new storefront art museum for New York City neighborhoods.  Its emphasis is on placemaking, creating tangible art places for citizens to connect with the contemporary art, that engages the aesthetics and the culture associated with the modern materials, from plastics to emerging nanomaterials. With a hybrid of nonprofit and profit structure, the art museum pursues both programmatic and architectural experiments, and its particular focuses are artificially modified materials, which permeate deeply into our mundane life. With its multiple storefront locations in New York City, PLASTIK Shop is a collection of many sliced museum parts. They emerge as everyday places in diverse urban neighborhoods while each emulates various urban storefront types, such as bookstore/library, shop/gallery, cafe/restaurant, food market/deli, or gym/fitness club, etc. PLASTIK Shop explores new common grounds for the citizens in the context of their community through celebration of shared aesthetic experiences, use of plain English, conversations with civility, collaborations across diverse disciplines and industries. As an agent of peacemaking, it advocates the citizen’s common good for a better pluralistic society towards the post petroleum era.

*The preliminary concept has been evolved since NYFA Artists Entrepreneurs Bootcamp in 2011. Its business development is currently in a pre-incubation stage.

2013  |  Plaskitos: Out of Flood   |  Exhibition Proposal  |  Barbara Lubliner, Manju Shandler, Nancy Rakoczy, & Sung Jin Oh

The proposal for PLASTIKOS exhibition is to fill the Cuchfritos Gallery with art made from plastic materials and post-consumer plastic waste opening a dialogue about consumption that is especially relevant in Cuchifritos location in an open-air supermarket.  The proposed exhibition focuses on the flood of plastics in our daily lives by juxtaposing artwork created from plastic with an installation of plastic bottles evenly piled to 4-foot elevation along the walls of the gallery. The public would be invited to enter the gallery and view the artworks on the walls by wandering through 6-foot wide path through this plastic bottle installation.


2012  |  PLASKITOS 2012  |  1-Year Long Collective On-line Blog

Barbara Lubliner, Manju Shandler, Nancy Rakoczy, & Sung Jin Oh

One year long online blog collaboration by a group of visual artists, whose work associates with plastic material.

2011  |  POSTCARD SHOP |  Business Proposal Cover

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